New website is live!

Please bear with me as we get this party started!

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6 Responses to New website is live!

  1. If I type a blog in a forest and there’s no one there to hear it is it really a blog? Let’s find out….Let me just invite anyone reading this (anyone?) to come see me during the next 2 weekends at the Bristol Ren Faire, where I am “visiting artist” Hey, mention this post for a 20% discount ! I hope this actually posts…got a learning curve to negotiate here..

  2. Jim Clouse says:

    Blog away, Sir Blogger! You’re blogging loud and clear.


    • Jimbo!….glad you could be here to commemorate the event which would have certainly been my number one diary entry today if I hadn’t found that rock that looked sort of like Benjamin Franklin.

  3. Well things have slowed down here considerably. I need to get a counter on this thing to see if anybody is actually checking things out.To whom it may concern: Come see me at Wizard World Chicago, Aug. 11-14. I’m in the artist alley theoretically. It will be a lot of fun. It WILL be a lot of fun

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