September in Wisconsin

Greetings Easley fans! (Pardon me if I don’t call you all by name…the precious minutes I save may now be dedicated to making A-R-T. Or maybe I’ll watch some “Dexter” reruns…).I was just trying to remember how to start a new post…..think I got it. Old dog…new trick.It happens to be raining as I write this. Six weeks from now we’ll probably have snow. How’s that for a prediction? Not exactly Mayan Calendar apocalyps(did I spell that right?)┬ácaliber but whaddayagonnado? I’m a tired old man, and I got paperwork to back that claim up. O.K. I’m gonna read this back to the dogs just so I know I didn’t waste my time writing this. You folks feel free to pipe up and let me know I’m not alone in the room….



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Wizard World Chicago…..

Come see me at WW Chicago…Aug. 11-14.Tell me I sent ya’!

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Thanks to…

….Mr. Jim Ludwig, for dragging me kicking and screaming back into the digital frontier. Jim is head honcho of DarkSword miniatures, which produces THE best pewter gaming miniatures available anywhere,and unless I’m confusing him with someone else,is the current reigning world champion Samba dancer. Thanks again, Jim!

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This must be how to start a new topic…….

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New website is live!

Please bear with me as we get this party started!

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