Wizard World Chicago…..

Come see me at WW Chicago…Aug. 11-14.Tell me I sent ya’!

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2 Responses to Wizard World Chicago…..

  1. Jamie Molitor says:

    Alas. I found your blog a few weeks too late. A short drive from Minneapolis and I could have met a living legend!
    Mr. Easley, I have to tell you that as a young man I filled many sketchbooks with never-quite-right copies of your paintings. While my buddies studied the hit points and dice rolls, I tried drawing our characters to resemble your spectacular creations. You were an inspiration to me, and though I don’t create fantasy art professionally now, I teach it (to some extent).
    If you are ever in the Minneapolis area let me know. I’ll show you some of the dragon relief prints that my fourth-graders are making!

    • Hi Jamie,
      “Living Legend”?..well, you’re half right,knock on wood. Just make the even shorter drive to Lake Geneva, and here I am. Lunch is on you! What’s Wizard World got that I ain’t got. Pam Grier says you? Well..uh..er…….yep, you messed up……
      Truth to tell, a lot of my paintings were never quite right to start with. So you’re probably a lot better than you think! But, thanks most kindly.

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