September in Wisconsin

Greetings Easley fans! (Pardon me if I don’t call you all by name…the precious minutes I save may now be dedicated to making A-R-T. Or maybe I’ll watch some “Dexter” reruns…).I was just trying to remember how to start a new post…..think I got it. Old dog…new trick.It happens to be raining as I write this. Six weeks from now we’ll probably have snow. How’s that for a prediction? Not exactly Mayan Calendar apocalyps(did I spell that right?) caliber but whaddayagonnado? I’m a tired old man, and I got paperwork to back that claim up. O.K. I’m gonna read this back to the dogs just so I know I didn’t waste my time writing this. You folks feel free to pipe up and let me know I’m not alone in the room….



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4 Responses to September in Wisconsin

  1. Jamie Molitor says:

    Not an empty room.
    Don’t forget to enjoy those fall colors before the snow flies.

  2. Kevin G says:

    Nope definitely not alone in the room. You are among fans and friends 😉

  3. Kevin G says:

    Do you have any plans for convention appearances this year?

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